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Learn how to detect and update your video card driver for latest pc video games

Detect and update your video card driver

To follow this guide properly, you need to know exactly the model of your video card ! So, first download nvidia driver from here if your video card is nvidia, for amd radeon driver from here and for intel hd graphics from here and then download driver cleaner from here for windows, almost all versions.

1. You need to know the name of your video card first and then get latest driver from above

 Video card detector 

2. Do NOT run install recently downloaded video graphics driver yet !

3. Go to downloads and run DDU v15.5.1.0.exe

4. Now you need to create a new folder so select those 3 dots and then select 

5. Desktop and Make new folder and type something that you remember Driver for example

6. Now go to your desktop and look for folder Driver, and inside folder look for .exe file and run it.

7. If the question is to reboot in safe mode, accept it

8. Wait the computer to restart in SAFE MODE


9. Now select your video card model (nvidia, amd or intel...use video card detector to be sure)

10. Now just select first option that with Highly Recommended and wait to finish and then wait to restart

11. Now you can install new driver !

This is the best way to update your driver without any errors or losing performance !

An little help for you, 2 screenshots.

Learn how to detect and update your video card driver for latest pc video games

Article created on date: 2015-11-06

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